Specialists earn nearly
30-35% more than General Physicians?

Success begins with the right qualification!

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A PG degree is not just an add-on qualification but is a means to sharpen your skills and enhance your knowledge in your field of interest



PG Regular

Fellowship with Master of Medicine/Master of Surgery

Doctors eager to earn a dual qualification alongside being trained for clearing the Royal College (UK) examination are apt for our program.

Duration: 3 years 

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PG Blended

Master of Medical Science (MMSc)

Be a specialist in your choice of specialization and accelerate your career with a Masters degree.

Duration: 2 years

PG Advanced 

With our online PG Advanced program, doctors will be able to earn a super specialization of their choice without having to quit their current practice.

Duration: 6 months - 2 years(based on current qualification)

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PhD in Medicine by Research 

Excel in your career as a medical scholar/academician alongside developing analytical skills and publishing papers in journals.

Duration: 3 years